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We have acquired solid expertise and proven techniques which is reflected in the realization of each of our projects over the years. In order to achieve exceptional results, we always use top quality materials and installed by qualified employees who use appropriate equipment.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to always provide superior service. You can count on us to meet all of your landscaping and earthwork needs in Laval.

Our work is guaranteed
Trust our 30 years of experience. We have developed a solid experience and proven techniques that can be seen in the realization of each of our projects for years. To achieve incredible results, we always use top quality, installed by qualified employees and to do this using professional equipment.


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Mélanie T.
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Career woman and single mother of 2 young children, my life is very busy, I had a great need for help with the maintenance of my land since I lacked time, since Dama takes care of all this for me , I can focus on what matters most to me.
Lisette S.
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I have always been an active woman, but at my age (73 years old) some things have become more difficult to accomplish, the Dama Landscaping team now maintains my land (mow the lawn, trim the hedges, picking up leaves, etc...) and for my part I continue to take care of my flowers. In addition to their excellent service, they told me that I was entitled to a government subsidy given my age, something I did not know, Thank you!
James D.
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During the construction of my house a support wall had been made near the parking lot, but there was certainly a problem, because it was about to collapse, Paysagiste Dama found that the technique used was not not the right one depending on the type of block, they redid my wall and for more than 10 years now they have been in place as on the first day.
Bruno M.
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I am very satisfied with the earthworks in my backyard, we had the edge of the swimming pool done, it looks like a big hotel so much it is beautiful. Congratulations to the whole team at Paysagistes Dama Inc.!
Jean D.
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The maintenance of our lawn is well done thanks to the professional worker at Dama in Laval. they have been coming to open and close the site for several years. I'm happy to give them the maintenance contract.
Tax credit for home-support services for seniors

People aged 70 and over who use a maintenance service may be eligible for the tax credit for home-support for the following years:

maintien à domicile paysagement