Our qualified and meticulous employees make our maintenance service one of the best in the region. No worries, your land will be maintained according to the planned schedule and the services chosen.

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Spring clean up

Paysagiste Dama Inc. offers the owner of a house or business to take care of the opening of their land by carrying out one or more of the following works:

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Lawn aeration

Aeration is a mechanical and priority work that is done in spring or fall and which consists of extracting soil cores from a depth of about 70 mm (3/4 inch). The extracted carrots are then placed on the existing lawn and will disintegrate with rain and humidity in the weeks following aeration. The benefits of aerating your lawn are:

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Lawn dethatching

Dethatching the lawn is a job that is normally done every 3 or 5 years and involves removing an accumulation of thatch that protrudes about 1.5cm. The advantages of dethatching are:


With the ban on herbicides, topdressing is the best ecological solution to adopt to have a very beautiful lawn year after year. Paysagiste Dama inc. has been offering its customers for more than 10 years and the vast majority appreciate this service offer.

Le terreautage nécessite les étapes suivantes :

Spring and fall are good times to do this work. It is suggested to do this work every 2 or 3 years. So you will have over the years a dense and green lawn that will resist drought much better and above all you will have a lot less weeds.

Our work is guaranteed
Trust our 30 years of experience. We have developed a solid experience and proven techniques that can be seen in the realization of each of our projects for years. To achieve incredible results, we always use top quality, installed by qualified employees and to do this using professional equipment.
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Lawn mowing

You wish to grant the mowing of your lawn for the season, Paysagiste Dama Inc. can offer you different types of cutting contracts ranging from the beginning of May to the end of October. Our teams are reliable, efficient and punctual.

Our equipment is modern, top quality, well maintained and above all the blades of the mowers are sharp. Generally in the spring and fall we cut the grass shorter and in the summer the cuts can be made higher.

Our guarantee is that your lawn will be green and well maintained all season long.

traitement engrais laval
Fertilizer treatments

A good fertilizer treatment program ensures a healthy lawn. Lawn fertilization is essential in order to have a beautiful, bright green lawn. Paysagiste Dama Inc. makes sure to provide the appropriate nutrients by using ecological and slow-release fertilizers. The main elements contained in our fertilizers are:

Potassium gives a better resistance to the lawn especially during the warmer periods and on the spaces that are used the most. In addition, it helps to better protect the lawn in winter.

Paysagiste Dama Inc. agrees to perform four lawn fertilization treatments per year:

traitement vers blanc
Maggots treatments

If you are experiencing any of the following, either yellowed sections of grass or turned over clods in your yard, the source of the problem may be white grubs.

We advise you to call us quickly at the following number 450-663-0777 to make an appointment to evaluate with you the best possible solutions to apply.

taillage des haies edge trimming
Trimming of hedges and shrubs

Ideally, cedar hedge trimming should be done once a year between mid-June and the end of September. This size allows to control the size of the hedge, to make the foliage more abundant, as well as to allow light to penetrate.

The size of the various deciduous hedges must be done from the end of May to the end of October. It should be noted that certain types of hardwood hedges require 2 to 3 prunings between spring and autumn. Finally, most deciduous hedges can be cut back significantly.

This work is usually done in the fall. Shrubs including conifers must be pruned generally once a year so that they retain their shape and maintain a space between them. Finally, flowering shrubs should be pruned after flowering.

Paysagiste Dama Inc. can provide you with competent staff and good equipment to meet your needs.

fermeture du terrain entretien paysager Laval
Fall closing

With the fall and the return of cold weather, Paysagiste Dama Inc. offers you to prepare your land by carrying out, among other things, the following work

Tax credit for home-support services for seniors

People aged 70 and over who use a maintenance service may be eligible for the tax credit for home-support for the following years:

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For all your landscaping needs, Paysagiste Dama Inc. covers a large part of Laval, from Highway 15 to Highway A25 and most places Vimont, Auteuil, Pont-Viau, Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Ste-Rose, Laval-des-rapides and Duvernay